Study Commerce Mall, 

You can also experience Experilearn

through e-commerce, right here!

We don't sell functional products,

but items with cultural value and stories.

Starting with suggestions for Korean names that will become your second identity, 

we explore and offer items related to those names, as well as a variety of cultural learning items to help you enjoy your experience with the Korean language and culture.  

This is not merely a collection of products(items), but a repository of Korean cultural values, meanings, and stories. 

So our item description page has a story.

We carefully select and sell only items  

that have been tried and tested by our edutainors.

To maximize your Korean learning experience, we only offer items that have been tried, tested, and rated highly by our educators. It is our promise to only introduce you to trustworthy things that we have personally verified.

So our item description pages have ratings and reviews from our own experience.

Hands to Hands, we're committed to ensuring that your international purchases are flawless.

Concerned about international payments? Worried about shipping? 

Leave all your worries and anxieties to us. 

While we're not a shipping company, our 'Hands to Hands' philosophy means that your purchase is carefully managed and tracked every step of the way, from Korea to your hands. 

If there are any problems with your order, we'll respond quickly and accurately to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and satisfying no matter what. 

So our item description page has a photo of the shipping box.


Discover KONOGRAM's unique items that allow you to experience the real Korean.

Through a variety of items, such as Korean games, accessories, personalized Korean name cards & more for Korean learners, you can experience Korean culture and language, and enjoy the pleasure of Experilearn!

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